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Terms of use of the job database and the related website

1. General
The present Terms apply to any kind of use of the job database and the related website from which the job database is accessed. Please read the Terms carefully before accepting them. By clicking 'I accept' when registering as a user, you agree to the following:

'As a user of the job database, you confirm and declare that you have read, understood and accepted the present Terms and that you will use the job database and the related website in accordance with these Terms'.

It may become necessary to amend the present Terms, e.g. due to legislative amendments, for which reason the controller of the job database reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms. In the event of amendments, the 'Updated on' date at the bottom of the document will be changed. In the event of material amendments, the user will be notified on the job database website. All users are urged to check whether the Terms have been amended on a regular basis.

The Terms apply to everyone, regardless of the purpose of using the job database or the website. This means that the present Terms apply to all private persons, companies, associations etc. using the job database and/or the website, who have accepted the Terms.

2. The job database
The job database and the related systems have been developed by and are owned by MatchWork A/S. MatchWork A/S is an international group engaged in the development of systems intended for candidates and employers to meet through the Internet. On the basis of CVs and job ads entered into a job database by candidates and companies, respectively, MatchWork A/S facilitates contact between the parties by means of end-user to end-user technology. The use of this technology means that candidates and employers are not matched manually. The system matches them electronically and automatically on the basis of the information entered by the parties.

MatchWork A/S cooperates with a number of national subsidiaries and with various partners through them. Through this cooperation, such partners obtain access to use MatchWork A/S' systems and thus provide the users with access to a job database.

3. Processing of personal data
When users register with the job database, they voluntarily provide personal data which are registered in the job database.

Personal data are only provided and registered for the purpose of matching candidates and employers.

It is important for the controller that the users' personal data are kept safely and confidentially, just as it is important to always act in agreement with the law on the protection of personal data.

Controller and Processor:
MatchWork A/S
Company reg. no. DK 19 42 99 03
Gladsaxe Møllevej 26
2860 Søborg, Denmark
Tel. +45 36 95 95 95
Fax +45 36 95 95 37
E-mail: matchwork@matchwork.com

3.1. Which types of personal data are provided by users
Personal data comprise, among other things, contact information, including name, address, e-mail address as well as various information regarding education, job experience etc.

A candidate is advised to only provide such information as is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose of the job database. Thus, users of the job database are advised not to provide sensitive personal data, e.g. regarding race, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, health information, sexual orientation etc.

3.2. Consent for the processing of personal data
By providing personal data, the user expressly consents to such information being used by the controller and the processor for the purpose of matching candidates and companies.

Furthermore, the controller and the processor are entitled to use such personal data anonymously, e.g. for statistics and comparisons. Personal data are not used for market analyses, marketing or other purposes unless the user has given express consent thereto.

3.3. Disclosure of personal data
Information attributable to a person, i.e. information which can identify the identity of the user, is part of the CV; however, it is only made visible to employers once actively released by the user. This means that the user must consent to the disclosure of such data to a third party on a case-by-case basis.

When using the job database, users consent to their personal data being disclosed within the MatchWork A/S Group. Furthermore, they accept that personal data may be submitted to a third party in countries outside the EU. Personal data will only be disclosed within the MatchWork A/S Group or to a third party in a country outside the EU with a view to fulfilling the purpose of providing personal data.

Apart from the above situations, the controller will only disclose personal information to a third party if this is required in order to comply with relevant law.

When personal data are disclosed to an employer on the basis of an express consent, the company in question will be responsible for processing the personal data in accordance with the law.

3.4. Access to/editing of personal data
In the event that candidates wish to edit, deactivate or delete their CVs, including personal data, this can be done 24 hours a day by using the personal user name and password, cf. Clause 4. Personal data are only kept in the job database for as long as the user so wishes. If a user has not been logged on for eighteen months, his or her personal data will be deleted automatically.

Users are entitled to receive information on which personal data the controller has registered about them up to two times a year. For this purpose, please write to:

MatchWork A/S
Company reg. no. DK 19 42 99 03
Gladsaxe Møllevej 26
2860 Søborg, Denmark
Tel. +45 36 95 95 95
Fax +45 36 95 95 37
E-mail: matchwork@matchwork.com

The above can also be contacted with regard to enquiries about the processing of personal data or if the user would like his or her personal data to be changed or deleted.

Generally, the controller and the processor do not edit or change the data provided. If a CV has been entered in another language, the system will automatically translate the table text to the relevant languages in order to make it possible to match the parties. Furthermore, the controller reserves the right to delete overtly false and/or offensive information without prior notification of the user.

3.5. Cookies
The job database website uses cookies. Cookies are digital pieces of information stored on the user's hard disk. A cookie will not identify the individual users, but only the PC used by the user for visiting the website. A cookie recognises a computer as a user when a website is accessed.
The purpose of cookies is to use the information for the preparation of statistics etc. Such statistics are, among other things, used for improving the website and the job database.
3.6. Data security
All personal data and company data are protected by a user name and a password. A candidate or a company can gain access to or edit their own data by using their individual user names and passwords.

Over and above the users, it is only the controller and the processor who have access to the registered information.

All data processing carried out by the MatchWork A/S Group takes place at a location in Denmark with the highest possible security clearance. This also applies to data communication internally in the MatchWork A/S Group, where an encrypted tunnel and a firewall are used.

The server containing MatchWork A/S's systems, including the job database, is located in a locked room. Access to this room is restricted to a minimum number of people, regardless of whether the server is located in the premises of MatchWork World Wide A/S or in the premises of a third party in connection with data processing and/or other technical support. Physical access to the server is restricted to people directly involved in work on access to the Internet. This means that only a few of MatchWork A/S's employees have physical access to the server and thus the information stored in the job database. All these employees have signed binding confidentiality agreements in respect of the information in the job database. Access to the server room is further restricted by personal and individual key cards with PIN codes.

The building is protected by a UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and equipped with fire monitoring and alarm systems.

The infrastructure (or internal structure) of the system is based on a Microsoft platform, and is as far as possible protected against attacks from the outside or hacking attempts by a firewall.

4. Registration and password
When registering as a user of the job database, the user will be provided with an individual user name and a password, after which time the user's own data can only be accessed by means of the user name and the password.

All users are responsible for keeping the user name and the password confidential. Users are also responsible for all use of the user profile, regardless of whether such use is authorised or not.

Users undertake to immediately inform the controller or the processor of any unauthorised use of their user name or password or the risk thereof.

5. Purpose of using the job database
The job database may only be used for lawful purposes by people looking for jobs and information on career opportunities and by employers looking for employees.

Users of the job database undertake not to provide any incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information that is not in agreement with their correct and truthful CV.

Users of the job database further accept that it is not allowed to post invitations to franchising, pyramid schemes, club memberships or events regarding distribution, representation agencies or other business opportunities requiring the payment of a lump sum, periodic payments, commission (without any significant fixed salary), or requiring recruitment of other members, sub-distributors, sub-agents and the like.

6. Usage of Company accounts
Companies and employers (Customers) can sign up for Company accounts. This enables the user of the account to request the setup of a company profile page with information about the company, as well as the ability to post job ads on the website in the company’s name. The company profile page is built by the NetJobs Group AB on behalf of the customer.

Usage of a Company account is only possible when the Customer has signed up for a Company account subscription. If the subscription has been agreed orally over the telephone, the Customer will receive login details for the Company account via email from a NetJobs Group AB representative shortly after the oral agreement has been made. By accessing (logging in to) the Company account, the Customer confirms the terms of the oral agreement that was concluded over the telephone. An invoice will be sent to the Customer via email; including instructions on how to execute the payment for the subscription.

The subscription for the Company account renews automatically at the end of each subscription period, as specified in the terms of the agreement. If the Customer wishes to cancel the subscription, the Customer must notify the NetJobs Group AB of the cancelation prior to the expiration of the current subscription period. Notification shall be made via email to support@matchwork.com.

In case of cancelation, payments made for the current subscription period will not be refunded.

7. Rights to the job database and the related website
The content of the job database, including text, graphics, images, logos, button icons, software etc. is protected by national and international law on copyright, trademark rights etc. All material belongs to the parties having provided such content, unless otherwise agreed or provided by law.

The compilation (i.e. collection and layout) of all content on the website is the property of MatchWork World Wide A/S and protected by national and international copyright law. Unauthorised use of such content may be in contravention of copyright and trademark law or other legislation. Users of the job database are obliged to keep all indications of copyright, trademarks, service marks or other proprietary marks in the original material in any copies lawfully made of such material.

8. Responsibility for the content of the job database and the related website
Users are responsible for their own information and the implications of posting it in the job database and on the website.

The controller is a passive channel for the online distribution and publication of the information provided by the users, and neither the controller nor the processor has an obligation to check the information and material posted on the website by the users. Consequently, there is no guarantee that the content of the website is correct.

The controller urges all users to be aware that this service may put them in contact with people or companies that are not who they claim to be. Users accept any risk following from transactions with other users from the job database or the website.

In the event that the controller or the processor discovers that there is information in the job database or on the website which is not in agreement with the present Terms, the controller or the processor is entitled to delete such information without further notice. This also applies to information or the like which may cause the controller or the processor to incur liability, or which may put the controller or the processor at risk of losing services from the suppliers.

By submitting content to a public or a non-public area of the website, including notice boards, forums, competitions or chat rooms, the sender accepts that the controller or the MatchWork A/S Group is always entitled to use such content, including distributing, publishing and changing such content etc. free of charge, indeterminately and irrevocably. The sender of content warrants that he or she has the rights to all material posted on the website.

The job database and the website may contain links to other websites run by a third party. Such links are only included on the website as a service to the users of the job database, and their inclusion on the website does not imply that the controller or the processor has approved the content of the websites in question. All use of such links and browsing of the websites in question thus take place at the user's own risk.

9. Security instructions regarding the use of the job database and the related website
Users of the job database and the website are subject to the general law, including rules prohibiting the infringement of other people's rights.

The controller particularly highlights the following circumstances as being in contravention of the present Terms. It should be noted that the list below is not exhaustive and does not set aside the applicable law.

Users are not entitled to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website, e.g. by:
(a) gaining access to data not intended for the user and attempting to log on to a server or account to which the user is not authorised;
(b) attempting to investigate, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or a network or force the security and authorisation precautions taken without due authorisation;
(c) attempting to disrupt the service provided to any user or network, including by sending a virus to the website, overloading, 'flooding', 'spamming' or 'bombing' it or by causing the system to break down;
(d) using any device, software or routine to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the correct function of the website or any activity on the website;
(e) sending unsolicited e-mails, including advertising or advertisements for products or services;
(f) falsifying any TCP/IP package tag or any of the information in the start tag of any e-mail or any contribution to any newsgroup;
(g) deleting or changing material placed on the website by the controller, the processor or other users;
(h) using any type of machine, software, tool, agent or other device (such as browsers, search robots, avatars or intelligent agents) to navigate or search the website. Search machines or search agents available through the website or third-party web browsers which are generally available (e.g. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer) are exempted from the above prohibition. It is possible to have limited use of and access to our robot page called URL;
(i) attempting to decipher, decompile or undertake reverse translation or reverse engineering of the software included in or forming part of any part of the job database owned by MatchWork World Wide A/S;
(j) using the website to transfer, submit, store or destroy material in any way that would infringe the copyright or the title to trademarks, business secrets or other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party or the privacy, advertising rights or other personal rights of other people, or which is defamatory, obscene, threatening, rude or odious.

If a user has authorised access to a non-public section of the website, the user must not disclose his or her password to a third party, just as it must not be used for unauthorised purposes.

Infringement of these security rules or the law may result in civil or criminal liability. The controller or the processor will investigate incidences assumed to constitute a breach of the above security rules and may report such instances of breach to the police and the authorities.

10. Exclusion of liability
The controller and the processor can in no circumstances be held liable for damages in connection with any use of the job database or the website. The below provisions do not restrict this exclusion of liability, but are only examples of situations etc. for which the controller or the processor cannot be held liable.

The controller and the processor do not warrant that information published by users is truthful or correct, just as the controller and the processor do not endorse any views expressed by users. The user thus accepts that the use of material etc. published by users is at the user's own risk.

The user is solely responsible for content and any CV or other material placed in the job database or on the website.

It should be emphasized that the controller and the processor do not warrant that the employers are in fact able to offer the applicants a job or that the candidates are able to fulfil a particular job function. The controller and the processor are thus not responsible for any part of employment contracts concluded on the basis of the job database or the website.

The controller and the processor do not guarantee that the website will not malfunction or that the website and its server do not contain any virus or other harmful elements. In the event that equipment or data need to be serviced or replaced following the use of the website, including the material on the website, the controller and the processor are not liable to pay the costs incidental to such servicing or replacement.

The controller, processor, suppliers or other parties connected to the job database and/or the website cannot be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use or the inability to gain access to using the job database or the material on the website.

11. Indemnification
Users undertake to defend and indemnify the controller and the processor as well as their employees, board members and agents for any financial or other damage as well as for any claim, lawsuit or other demands, including reasonable legal and accounting costs, claimed in connection with or arising out of the use of the job database and/or the website, including a user's infringement of the present Terms. The controller must immediately inform the user of any such claim, lawsuit or any legal proceedings, and the controller must assist the user in the defence of any such claim, lawsuit other legal proceedings for the user's account.

12. General
All use of the website, including the job database, abroad is at the user's own risk, and the user is responsible for observing the rules and regulations in the country in question.

Some services on the website are subject to further terms of use. By using such services, users accept to be bound by the terms applying to such individual services.

Users are not entitled to sell or transfer their rights or obligations under the present Agreement.

13. Termination
The present Agreement enters into force when the user clicks the 'I accept' button and it will continue to run as long as the user is registered as a user in the job database or until such time as new terms to replace the present Terms are issued, cf. Clause 1.

The controller and the processor are entitled to cancel a user's registration at any time, including deleting the information registered, in the event that the user infringes the present Terms of if the controller or the processor is not able to verify or authenticate the information placed on the website by the user. In that case, the present Agreement between the user and the controller will lapse.

14. Disputes
In the event of disputes regarding a user's use of the job database or the website, events stemming from a contractual relationship between Mycvmatch.co.uk and any other party, as well as any other event that involves claims by, or claims against Mycvmatch.co.uk, such disputes will be settled in accordance with Swedish Law at the appropriate public court venue where Mycvmatch.co.uk has its headquarter.